Who we are

In the year 1955, the space race started between the super powers USA and the Soviet union, which has contributed to massive development in multiple technical areas. Today, more than 60 years later, a new space race has approached. Not one between nations but between students. Who knows what development will follow?

CAESAR was founded in 2021 (then as Chalmers Rocketry Group) and is a society for students at Chalmers with a burning interest in space and space technology, with a drive to get practical experience in the area. We design and develop rockets in order to take Chalmers closer to the dream:

A rocket that surpasses the Kármán line

As a member of CAESAR you get the opportuinity to helo in reaching that goal in every part of rocket development, form the very first concept to lift off. In order for the members to be adequately prepared to take part in the project we provide lectures within different technical areas, as well as tours at our sponsors and third parties. Other events are also provided in order to create interest in the society and to be useful to the members.

Does it sound exciting? Join and start to build!