Design Team

The Design Team are the members who manage the design and manufacture of the society projects. This work happens during design evenings that the society arranges, but also during private time. To be a part of the Design Team you just have to come to one of the weekly design evenings, but remember to sign up as a member first! The members are divided into three subgroups: Propulsion, Electronics and Structures. The different divisions are responsible for different systems of the rocket, but they are all equally important for a successful launch.


Propulsion is responsible for the whole propulsion system, from the fuel tanks to the nozzle. It involves high temperatures, high pressures and a high tempo. The engine is first designed and simulated, after which it is built and tested in reality, and finally ends up on a rocket. The members in this subgroup are:

  • Jacob Wennersten
  • Walther Ericsson Porsenklev
  • Linus Hagedorn
  • Berken Serb├╝lent
  • Arvid Lengborg
  • Oliver Kadi
  • Yasser Alrifai


Electronics manages the brain of the project. For everything to go to plan during the launch day we need accurate ways to measure altitude and lateral position of the rocket, keep it on course, know when to deploy the parachute and to abort the launch if something goes wrong. Electronics is also responsible for retrieving data so that we can improve until the next project. The members working on this are:

  • Tintin Axelsson
  • Vamsi Krishna Dwaraka
  • Alan Ali Doosti
  • Marta Bariagaber
  • Elias Almqvist
  • Felix Wolke


Structures is the division that is responsible for all other systems. It is about the fuselage, fins and nosecone for optimal aerodynamics as well as the parachute and method of deployment. The members who tackle these issues are:

  • Daniel Blania
  • Daniel Andersson